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What folks are saying about working with me

"A couple of years ago I was on a committee with Maggie.  Seeing her in action, I said to myself, I wish I had her capabilities.  She was upbeat, and positive, with a gentle sense of humor.  But most importantly, she was able to get things done in a way that astonished me.  She was thoughtful, and efficient, and had a way with others that caused them to want to work with her. 
Fast forward to last year when I learned that Maggie was a coach.  I signed up.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve made in a long, long time!"

Haven Wright‏

"Maggie is a gifted coach and a remarkably wise and empathic listener with many talents. She has supported my husband and me in re-inventing our lives and understanding our emotions as we deal with Parkinsons.  She's guided me through re-organizing and simplifying our home. And she also helped me create a lovely PowerPoint presentation for a celebration on zoom!"

Anne G.

“Maggie is the perfect blend of grounded energy and practical solutions.
She gets in tune with your inner world and holds space for the emotional pieces while also helping you figure out a way forward that meets your needs. 
With Maggie, you can show up however you are in the moment, and she is receptive and meets you there. Maggie witnessed and held space for some of our worst and best moments. She was in it with us the whole way through.
Weekly, Maggie reflected back to us on the positive moments she witnessed and how she saw our growth unfolding and help guide us on where to go from there. Her organization of it all and help with the process had a huge impact on the quality of our lives.

Meghan and Brain W. 

“Maggie has a gentle, grounded approach and a deep understanding of how many things fit together and the spiritual importance or practical things. In the brief times I’ve worked with Maggie I learned an enormous amount, my life was bettered and my new practices and approaches have sustained!”

Mikhaëla BD

"I've known Maggie for 5 years as a member of our cohousing community.  During that time she has led several rituals.  One recent example is the dedication of our memorial garden where we have laid engraved stones representing each of the several members of our community who have passed away.  Maggie has a gift for leading this kind of gathering.  She is thoughtful and inclusive.  She always has good ideas of what to say and how the gathering should proceed.  She is calm and sweet.  I'm always impressed and pleased when she is in charge."  

Susan H.

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