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Love offerings to soothe the soul

Below are guided meditation links. May they be of service to your higher good. May they nourish and serve you in some sweet ways.  Listen if you are called. Check back for new materials regularly.

Cosmic Embrace: You Are Held by the Great Cosmic Mother

Be held by The Great Cosmic Mother in this guided meditation. Through deep breathing and guided imagery, you have the chance to rest and be held by something greater than yourself. Connect to yourself, your body, and a greater wisdom.

Snail Meditation: You Are Not Your Shell

Our bodies are the vessels that carry our souls, but they are not Who we are. Sometimes, when in physical or emotional pain or dis-ease, our bodies are not a comfortable place to call home. In this Snail Meditation, we spend time remembering/retrieving our soul nature beyond our current shell and dwelling in that larger-than-life spiritual space.

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