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Holistic Personal Programs

Sacred Integration Session Packages:
What is calling to you?

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Expansion Pack

3 month  Luminous Expansion Pack

Let’s illuminate aspect of your life that beckons for focused attention and growth. Is it being supported through a major life transition? Building a new habit?  Over the next three months, we'll construct a purposeful container for you to evolve in a fresh way of self-discovery and self-relating. By the end of the 90 days, you'll possess luminous insights into yourself and be able celebrate the substantial expansion in a key area of your life. 

6-Month Sacred Odyssey

Embark on a transformative journey as you answer the call to a new path. This sacred voyage is designed for those seeking change and direction, and craving a guiding light to witness their metamorphosis. Throughout the six months, I offer unwavering support, equipping you with powerful tools, asking insightful questions, and providing steadfast accountability and joyous celebrations. By the journey's end, you'll stand firmly on your new path, equipped with the tools and crystallized inner values to align your inner compass to its true North. From this place you'll move forward with newfound confidence and clarity, navigating your sacred odyssey with purpose and resilience.

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Sacred Odyssey

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Rebirth to the Now

9-Month Rebirth to the Now

We start by envisioning harmony with the life you dream and the one you live. What's beckoning for release, inviting a regeneration for you to witness life with a new lens?

We can't start over, but we can be reborn into this moment. Guided by the growth cycle—from soul call and intention to physiology and development—we embark on a profound journey. We explore old pa
tterns and the parts yearning for healing, and invite them into the room to be tended to, supported, transformed, and held, leaving more space for the intentional life that is yet to come. Then together, we craft and tend to your rebirth, aligning you to a life that resonates with your soul's deepest calling. 

12 month

Become Who You Are: Sacred Self Initiation

The old way isn’t working anymore. There's a beckoning for a profound transformation—an unraveling and a reassembly into a new order, a fresh direction. I am here to guide you through this process, supporting your journey as you step into the most sacred version of yourself. Together, we'll center on your sacred self—the true essence of who you are meant to be in this lifetime. This year-long sacred self-initiation is a commitment to becoming the authentic, empowered, and purposeful individual you know you are destined to become.

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Become Who You Are

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