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 A Seven Week Mystical Odyssey of
Tending, Mending, and Personal Empowerment
Through Joy and Celebration

Miriam's Spiritual

How can we access our greatest gifts in these times?

Image by Jade Stephens

A 7 week community supported cultivation of joy in challenging times. This personal and collective odyssey will begin on April 9th just after the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries. We'll gather together in the revolutionary act of finding and creating joy in the midst of challenging times.

The Process

This holistic community-supported process is designed to nurture your BIG dream into reality with gentleness, love, and respect.  This journey will be supported by a community container, 1:1 coaching ,and the cycles of nature/the moon. When we lean into these sacred containers, we know we are not alone in the actionable steps to make our dreams take root and blossom.  Imitating nature's well-developed design, crafted over millennia, we will each bring a dream into being and share that dream in community!

Seed Delivery

1. Seed

Harvest time has come!

You'll be lifting up a dream seed that needs your attention, focus, love and a community  to support.

What has already been learned about or gleaned from this seed?


What do I need to refine, gather, or intuit to ensure this seed thrives?

Black Soil
Organic Compost

2. Prune & Compost

By pruning, cutting back, uprooting what is not serving us, we can grow forth with more fortification. We compost the old parts of the self that no longer serve and nourish the soil of the future.

What branches need to be trimmed to give more energy to the seed?

What concepts, traditions, expectations, energetic contracts are you able to let go of to have more forward momentum?

Wild Mushrooms

3. Taproot/Ancestral Wisdom

Wisdom comes from lineage and ancestry of the dream that calls your name. Whether personal ancestry or the lineage of the dream you are going to bring to fruition, we will tap into a source of inspiration knowing that we are not alone on the journey.


Who are the ancestors of my dream seed?


What ancestral wisdom can I ground into? 


4. Rooting into Self

We lean into the image or felt sense of who we will be when this dream seed blossoms. Bolstering conditions for optimal growth, tilling the soil, and calling upon all the strengths that have brought you to this current moment.

What self is this dream calling me to become?

What is my seeds optimal conditions for growth?

5. Mycelial Networking

As we prepare to take this growth above ground, we lean into the mycelial network we've created together. We explore the deep power of community to provide resources, referrals, connections,  and fortification to create new avenues for support.

What ways do I still feel alone in my goal that could turn into connection points?

How can I dance with my edge of vulnerability in service to my dream seed's blossoming?

6. Shoots, Buds,
& Blooms

We stand back and take stock of our cultivation and the cultivation around us in our community. Let's celebrate what has come into being! Show off your tender shoots, identify what is still growing and what you need for maximum growth going forward!

What am I most proud of as I see my dream come to fruition?

How do I want to commit to continued care and cultivation of this dream-come-true?

Is this program for you?

This program is for you if:​


Your attention is being summoned and you are ready to, no matter how scary, plant a dream seed in community!

You are ready to invest 6 months into a seed/dream that's important to you and bring it to the forefront of your life.

You like to dig deep, appreciate lunar and natural cycles, and see your place in the bigger picture.

You are curious and excited to lean into the group by bringing your heart, sharing deeply, and actively listening.You are excited because you have something to offer and the group has something to offer you.

You appreciate, honor, and respect a queer-led, feminist space.

This program is not for you if:

You’re satisfied with how your dreams are coming into fruition.

You’re a back-of-the class, turn-your-screen-off-for-most-of-the-call style of participant.

You’re not able to set aside at least 6 hours a month to participate in group sessions, individual sessions, and participation in between for community cultivation.



We'll gather for seven Thursdays starting on April 9th at:

  • 4:30-6 pm PST

  • 5:30-7 pm MST

  • 6:30-8 pm CST

  • 7:30-9 pm EST

  • New: Sept 14th

  • Full: Sept 28th

  • New: Oct 12th

  • Full: Oct 26th

  • New: Nov 9th

  • Full: Nov 30th

  • New: Dec 14th

  • Full: Dec 28th** 

  • New: Jan 11th

  • Full: Jan 25th

  • New: Feb 8th

  • Full: Feb 22nd

*Solo sessions will be the week between new and full moons.

** Vision Boarding Bonus Session


Your investment in your dream seed includes six months of support via:

  • A pre-program activator call

  • 11 90-minute online group sessions

  • 6  60-minute 1:1 transformational coaching sessions with Maggie

  • Active group support between sessions 


  • 2 15-min lightning sessions for additional support*

  • Seed Vision Boarding for the New Year special session

  • Emails with resources and inspiration

*Will schedule as soon as possible from when you reach out

  • $1111 By Sunday, August 27th- Unbelievable cultivator special!

  • $1222 Early Bird (Until 9/1/23)

  • $1999-1444 Sliding Scale (9/1/23-9/10/23)

  • $666 Partial scholarship, can be paid in two installments of $333 (announced 9/6)

*Sliding scale, pay what you can, higher end helps provide two partial scholarships

- I'm In -

Your facilitator:
Maggie Love

Hi! I've been there, friend.

It takes extreme courage to be summoned by a big dream and to heed the call.

I moved across the country and changed my whole life in six weeks.  I've started a personal cheffing business, a catering business, a small business assistance business, and a home organizing and coaching business. I've started a 60 minute morning practice that is, for the first time in my life, running itself and nourishing me without thinking about it.

I've had ups and downs. Days when I was on top of the world and days where I wanted to give up and hide under a rock. It can be challenging to listen to a dream without coming up against all our old fear/trauma/doubt responses.

I've learned a lot along the way, both personally and professionally, as a transformational coach and life doula. I'm pumped to be your champion and facilitator in actualizing your big dream with deep listening, thoughtful questions, support, and love.

You can read a longer bio HERE


What are the differences between therapy and coaching?

Here is an apt description from Simple Practice below.  Coaching and therapy are different yet complimentary:

“The most basic difference between a therapist and life coach is in the work therapists and coaches do.
Therapists' assess, diagnosis, and treatment. As such, therapists often focus their work on identifying and reducing symptoms. 
Coaches motivate and encourage people to achieve specific goals. Because coaching does not involve identifying and reducing mental health symptoms, coaches often describe their work as being more positive in nature. 
Of course, there is overlap—many therapists focus attention on client strengths and resources, and many coaches aim to reduce and resolve the problems that stand in the way of clients achieving their goals.”





Cancellation policy

Below is the refund policy.  The goal of the program is that everyone will be an active participant who is clear about why they’ve signed up and will be available for the duration of the program.

Cancellation time   

For cancellation more than 1 month prior to program start date:

For cancellation 2 weeks before program starts:

For cancellation 1 week before program starts:

For cancellation 2 days before until program starts:

For cancellation after program starts:


Full refund

Refund paid minus 25% 

Refund paid minus 50%

Refund paid minus 75%

No refund

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