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The words "The Sacred Hearth: Become Who You Are" in front of a circle shape with mountains, sunset, and a moving body of water in front of the mountains

The Sacred Hearth

Become Who You Are

I can help you

Life Transitions   /   Habits  /   Big Feelings  /   Soul Searching  /

  Little Feelings  /   Dreaming  /   Taking Action  / Rituals

Maggie spraying a hose  toward you, smiling, a leaf hanging down in front of forehead. Playful invitation for "nourishing" you as a plant.

Nourishing Your Growth Excites Me.

I am a lovebug, a painter of life, a reflector of your inner strength.  I am excited to work with people who want to be in greater alignment with their hopes, dreams, wants, needs, and goals. I believe in you.  I want you to discover parts of yourself that got lost along the way and the parts of you that need space to emerge for the first time.  I believe in your inherent special sparkle that you are here to offer the world. I can hold that light with you or hold it for you until you are ready to run with it!


I love assisting people in finding their own unique answers that are buried within.  From shedding new light on an old story to “ah-ha” moments or anything in between, I’ll be with you, asking questions, reflecting on values, and playing with different tools such as visualizations and mantras. Let’s get curious!

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“Maggie has a gentle, grounded approach and a deep understanding of how many things fit together and the spiritual importance or practical things. In the brief times I’ve worked with Maggie I learned an enormous amount, my life was bettered, and my new practices and approaches have sustained!”

-Mikhaëla BD

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