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Sacred Offerings

Life Doula
Newborn Baby

Sacred Coaching: Helping you birth the next version of yourself

Something is calling for your attention. Maybe it is self-care. Maybe it is a dream. A vision. Maybe an uncomfortable feeling that it is time for a change but you're not sure what that change is.


Let’s honor this liminal moment as the gift it is. Let’s swim around in it.  Let’s loosen our grip enough to see what is flowing freely and nurture it with the wonder and curiosity it deserves.


I’m here for the journey. To support you. To take off some of the pressure and create space.


What are you hungry for?


Sometimes we just feel hungry. We don’t know why we are hungry. So we ask for support and dive in.

During a 55-75 minute video session, we will light a candle, ground into the present moment, and dive into a topic that is on your heart and needs tending.  Through various modalities of coaching and healing, such as powerful questions and guided imagery, we will co-actively weave a container for loosening or dissolving what is holding you back from embodying the next iteration of self.

Next Chapter Work
Cloud with Silver Lining

Next Chapter Work: Silver Linings and Golden Opportunities

You are at a big transition point in your life. Maybe you are:


  • You are moving from your home of 30 years to a retirement community

  • Life is doing a 180 and you are moving across the country or internationally

  • You’re reclaiming your space after ending a relationship or kids leave the house

  • A relative has died and you are in charge of their estate and what to keep, pass on to the next generation, or give away

  • You are experiencing other big shifts in life and want your space to match your new identity or chapter of life


These are highly emotional moments. There can be a lot of grief, sadness, and uncertainty mixed with feelings of relief, excitement, and curiosity.

But where do you start?


Together we will discuss current feelings and intentions you have for our time together. The nectar from this conversation will steer us toward what you are wanting from this next chapter in life and how what remains is yours to name and claim in a new way.

Coaching combined with home organizing is available for folks in the Bay Area.

"Maggie is a gifted coach and a remarkably wise and empathic listener with many talents. She has supported my husband and me in re-inventing our lives and understanding our emotions as we deal with Parkinson's.  She's guided me through re-organizing and simplifying our home. And she also helped me create a lovely PowerPoint presentation for a celebration on zoom!"
                                                                                                               - Anne G.


Image by Neil Thomas

Life Doula: Full Spectrum Support

The word doula comes from the ancient Greek meaning "a woman who serves." As a Life Doula, I span genres of care to provide emotional, physical, and practical support. I have training and experience as a birth doula, post-partum doula, and death doula.  I am here to give you custom support for your needs to be held at this moment.

I can support you through:


  • Birth

  • Post-partum

  • Surgery

  • Abortion

  • Transition

  • Death of a loved one

  • Death

  • Big life happenings that you need additional support around

This can look like :

  • Serving as a grounded, loving presence to actively listen to your worries, doubts, fears, or concerns as well as hopes, dreams, and possibilities. 

  • Accompanying you to appointments, helping to take notes, holding hands during a procedure, or creating a plan of support to enlist friends/family/neighbors.

  • Offering calming touch, reiki, song, reading aloud, and guided meditation to help ease any pain, anxiety, or discomfort.

  • Helping formulate questions to ask doctors, healthcare professionals, or any other type of professional involved in your care.

  • Helping refer you to or research various resources that can be of support such as cleaning services, meal preparation/ delivery, childcare, etc.

"With Maggie, you can show up however you are in the moment, and she is receptive and meets you there. She witnessed and held space for some of our worst and best moments. She was in it with us the whole way through. Maggie’s organization of it all and help with the process had a huge impact on the quality of our lives."

-Meghan and Brian W.

Post-Partum Doula Clients

I do not offer medical care or advice. Doulas don’t replace medical providers like doctors, midwives, and nurses. I provide support and uninterrupted attention to body, mind, and spirit in tandem with the care you receive from medical and other providers.

Rituals 'R Us
Image by Victoria Strukovskaya

Rituals ‘R Us

Generations ago, life was more ritualized. Beyond our current rituals around birthdays, baby showers, weddings, and funerals, there were once many more daily, seasonal, and annual rituals that helped us humans stay connected to ourselves, each other, and the natural world.

Together we look at a specific aspect of your life your would like to ritualize. Whether that is to celebrate a small/medium/big personal win, mark a sacred life passage, or release something, we will deep dive into the aspect and craft a ritual that feels aligned and meaningful to you. We play with the emotions of fear, doubt, and excitement to come up with the ritual that will be most powerful for you and your own transformation.

  "Maggie has a gift for leading this kind of gathering [Memorial dedication].  She is thoughtful and inclusive.  She always has good ideas of what to say and how the gathering should proceed.  She is calm and sweet.  I'm always impressed and pleased when she is in charge. "

- Susan H.

I can help you create a ritual around:

  • Stepping into your power

  • Letting go of a relationship, job, or past self

  • Handfasting/Wedding

  • Parental Initiation/ Parent Blessing

  • Embracing new identity

  • Living wake 

  • Memorials

  • Micro-Rituals for everyday use


Feeling itchy in outdated skin?

Shedding, letting go, releasing...

Revealing your true self!

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